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Network licensing is a flexible licensing alternative available for StructurePoint’s suite of software programs. Network licenses are concurrent seat licenses, for example, if you purchase a ‘3-seat’ network license three users can access the software simultaneously from your network at any one time. Any number of licenses can be purchased to customize the network license to your specific needs.

This licensing option gives your company the flexibility to provide all their engineers access to the applications, with the security of license compliance. Network pricing is based upon the number of concurrent users you desire to run on your network.

Network license pricing and information are available by phone at 847-966-4357, or e-mail at

StructurePoint Software License Types:

  1. Standalone (Individual) License

    A standalone license permits use of the protected application on a single computer. License management is done on that computer without the need for a network server.

  2. Network (Concurrent) License

    One of the most popular types of license for networked applications is the concurrent license. This type of license allows specific number users to run the protected application at the same time.

  3. Commuter (Field) license (Requires Network License)

    When traveling on business or on a field assignment you may want to take the protected application along on a laptop computer. Commuter licensing (also known as portable licensing) allows a traveler to check out a temporary authorization from the network to use the application on the laptop, and then check it back into the network when the traveler returns. Commuter license is included as an optional use in all network license applications.