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Upgraded to ACI 318-14 & CSA A23.3-14, spSlab v5.00 (formerly pcaSlab/ADOSS) is highly efficient and widely used for analysis, design and investigation of reinforced concrete floor systems.

spSlab analyzes beams, one-way slab systems (including standard and wide module joist systems), and two-way slab systems (including waffle and slab bands). With capacity to integrate up to 20 spans and two cantilevers of multiple floor system types in each model, the capabilities of spSlab are not limited to new designs. spSlab can perform strength investigation for evaluation and/or modifications of existing building slabs. This program is sure to save engineers time crosschecking designs with applicable design code provisions.

Save in both material and labor using the moment redistribution feature. It allows up to 20% reduction of negative moments over supports reducing reinforcement congestions in these areas.

spSlab also incorporates torsion into shear design and investigation of beam systems. Shear capacity including torsion is represented in terms of required and provided area of transverse and longitudinal reinforcement.

Analysis and design tools in spSlab are provided for the following systems:

  • Simple and continuous beams
    Simple and continuous beam
  • One-way slabs
    One way slab
  • Two-way flat plates
    flat plate
  • Two-way flat slabs (with drop panels)
    flat slab
  • Slab band systems
    slab band
  • One-way pan joist systems (Standard modules)
    pan joist
  • One-way skip joist systems (Wide modules)
    one way skip joist
  • Two-way joist systems (Waffle slabs)
    waffle slab

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