spMats Cost Benefit Analysis

spMats Upgrade Version 8.xx

New Features:

  1. Added new CTI files export module to enable column and/or pile sections to be exported as CTI files to be analyzed by spColumn
  2. Added support for ACI 318-14 and CSA A23.3-14
  3. Brand new finite element engine increasing solver capacity six times and substantially speeding up solution of large models
  4. Introduced additional capacity allowing up to 26 basic load cases and up to 64,500 elements
  5. Introduced spreasheet style input for loads and load combinations


  1. Provided additional web-based resources and online help options in the Help menu
  2. Added new option in right-click menu in Assign/Properties and Assign/Restraints tab for showing Columns and Piles
  3. New controls for solver criteria to control uplift and contact area
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