spSlab Features

Technical Features

  • Support for ACI 318-14/11/08/05/02/99 & CSA A23.3-14/04/94 design standards
  • Design and investigation of beams, one and two-way slabs including one-way joist systems (standard and wide module) and two-way joist systems (waffle slabs)
  • Slab band system design and investigation for CSA A23.3-14/04
  • Flexure and shear design and investigation with live load reduction and patterning
  • Torsion design and investigation for beams/one-way slab systems
  • Longitudinal reinforcement for combined flexure, shear, and torsion per CSA A23.3-14/04
  • Automatic or manual moment distribution factors and strip widths
  • Moment redistribution for beams/one-way slab systems
  • Calculation of instantaneous deflections at three load levels; dead load, dead load plus sustained live load, and dead load plus live load
  • Calculation of incremental long-term deflections
  • Instantaneous and long-term design strip deflections for two-way systems
  • Analytical modeling of variable support stiffness in systems with rectangular, and circular supports
  • One and two-way (punching) shear investigation considering the effects of drop panels, column capitals, longitudinal beams, transverse beams, and slab bands.
  • Boundary conditions including vertical and rotational springs
  • Top and bottom bar details including development lengths and material quantities
  • Specialty design requirements including crack control, integrity reinforcing, and corner column checking
  • Frame solution results including tabulated column axial forces and moments
  • Mixed span types within one-way or two-way systems
  • Auto-input wizard with instantaneous data checking
  • Graphical display of geometry, loads, and results
  • Advanced view, print, display settings and options
  • Customizable detailed results report
  • spResults module for viewing and exporting input and output data
  • spReporter module for generating, viewing, exporting, and printing reports
  • Import input data from ADOSS v6.0x/7.0x, PCA-Beam, and pcaSlab
  • Detailed manual and online help

Program Features

  • Integrate up to 20 spans and two cantilevers of multiple floor system types in each model
  • 6 load cases
  • 50 load combinations
  • 999 partial dead loads per case
  • 999 partial live loads per case
  • 2 top bar layers (Design mode)
  • 2 bottom bar layers (Design mode)
  • 15 bar sets per span
  • Add and remove self weight from both ultimate and service load combinations
  • Dislay loads and geometry graphically as they are input
  • Import input data from ADOSS v6.0x/7.0x and pcaBeam v1.0x
  • Customizable results report

General Features

  • English (in.-lb) or SI (metric) units
  • Online help
  • Auto-input wizard with instantaneous data checking
  • User-controlled screen color settings
  • Ability to save defaults and settings for future input sessions