spColumn Features

Technical Features

  • Support latest American, ACI 318-19/14/11/08/05/02 & Canadian, CSA A23.3-19/14/04/94 design codes
  • Auto Design of regular (rectangular, circular) concrete sections with/without Design Trace
  • Design/Investigation of Uniaxially (P-Mx or P-My) or biaxially (P-Mx-My) loaded columns
  • Uniaxial or biaxial flexure combined with axial load
  • Design/Investigation of Non-slender (short) columns & Slender columns in sway and non-sway frames including second order effects
  • Complete & customizable P-Mx (about X-Axis) or P-My (about Y-Axis) interaction diagrams including nominal and factored section capacity for uniaxial runs with superposition of interaction diagram from a different run
  • Factored, service, axial, and control points loading
  • spSection module for advanced flexible graphical input of irregular sections with irregular reinforcing patterns
  • spResults module for viewing and exporting input and output data
  • spReporter module for generating, viewing, exporting, and printing reports
  • sp2D/3D View module for viewing and navigating 2D diagrams and 3D surfaces
  • Imports geometry, reinforcement, and loads from text files
  • Import/Exports section from/to DXF files
  • Exports P-M diagrams, Mx-My diagrams and 3D failure surface to TXT and CSV files
  • GUI (Graphical User Interface) and batch (command prompt) mode runs
  • Reinforcement design based on either minimum number of bars or minimum reinforcement area
  • Calculates k by implementing exact formulas used in Jackson and Moreland Alignment charts
  • Reports first-order and magnified (second-order) moments for slender columns
  • Reports neutral axis location and maximum steel strain corresponding to section capacity
  • Reports strength reduction factors in text output

Program Capacity

  • Up to 10000 reinforcing bars within a section
  • Up to 10000 exterior points that define the geometric outline of the cross section
  • Up to 10,000 interior points that define an opening in the cross section
  • Up to 10000 factored load entries, each consisting of an axial load, a moment about the x-axis, and a moment about the y-axis
  • Up to 50 service load entries, each consisting of dead, live, wind and earthquake axial loads, moments at column top about the x and y axes, and moments at column bottom about the x and y axes
  • 5 load cases and up to 50 load combinations
  • Up to 16 bars in a user-defined rebar database
  • Customizable results report

General Features

  • English (in.-lb) or SI (metric) units
  • Online help
  • User-controlled screen color settings
  • Ability to save defaults and settings for future input sessions