spMats Input and Output

Geometry & Material Properties

  • Automatic grid generation for easy fast input
  • Rectangular grid layout to define the finite element mesh
  • Slab model is created by graphically applying thicknesses to the grid system
  • Variable design properties can be applied to each element
  • Text import of grids, loads, and combinations are allowed
  • Graphically apply material & soil properties, boundary conditions, and loads
  • Graphically apply column & pile geometry, and material properties
  • CTI file export of column and/or pile sections to be analyzed by spColumn


  • Selfweight automatically computed
  • Concentrated and Area loads
  • Concentrated X & Y moments
  • Up to 26 basic load cases
  • Up to 255 load combinations
  • Spreadsheet style input of load and load combinations

Analysis & Design Parameters

  • Soil modulus and allowable pressure
  • Pile shape and geometry
  • Reinforcement cover and bar details
  • Shrinkage and temperature reinforcement limits


  • Text results detailed reports
  • Contour for deflections, pressures, moments, and steel areas
  • Detailed results printing controls
  • Echo of input data
  • Generated finite element mesh data
  • Nodal displacements and rotations
  • Nodal spring, pile, and slaved nodes displacements and reactions
  • Soil displacement and pressure
  • Element nodal moments including rectangular, torsional and principal moments
  • Nodal displacement envelopes for all service level load combinations
  • Spring and pile displacement and reaction envelopes
  • Soil displacement and pressure envelopes
  • Element moment envelopes
  • Design moment envelopes with required area of reinforcing steel


  • Fast graphical interface that displays rendered mesh for verification
  • Graphical image displaying node and element numbers
  • User controlled screen color setting for different elements
  • Contour plots for the results