spWall Input and Output

Material Properties

  • Concrete unit weight
  • Compressive Strength
  • Modulus of elasticity, Ec
  • Steel reinforcement yield strenght

Structure Geometry

  • Rectangular grid layout is defined by entering the grid lines coordinates or by generating equally spaced grid lines
  • Wall geometry is created by graphically applying elements thicknesses to the grid system
  • Basic definitions (thicknesses, materials, design parameters, loads, etc.) are input using dialog boxes
  • Material properties, design parameters, loads, and boundary conditions are graphically applied to the model using the mouse
  • All nodes and elements are automatically numbered by the program


  • Selfweight automatically computed
  • Concentrated Line, Uniform, and Area loads
  • Line moments and Concentrated moments
  • Up to six basic load cases
  • Up to 225 load combinations
  • In-plane and out-of-plane lateral loads

Analysis and Design

  • Displacements in X Y and Z directions
  • Reactions at the supports and restrained nodes
  • Plate internal forces
  • Stiffeners internal forces
  • Plate flexural reinforcement
  • Stiffeners flexural reinforcements
  • Stiffeners shear reinforcements
  • Stiffeners torsion reinforcements


  • Ability to view results in text and graphical format prior to printing
  • Echo of input data
  • Generated finite element data
  • Output in text format for plate internal forces, displacements, and reinforcement
  • Supplementary hand calculations for plate shear and reinforcement may be required
  • Output in text format for stiffener internal forces, moment reinforcement, shear reinforcement, and torsion reinforcement
  • Contour plots for plate displacements, and internal forces
  • Stiffeners internal force diagrams
  • Reactions
  • Selective printing allowing printing results for all or user selected nodes, members, and load combinations
  • Copy contour plots to clipboard


  • Fast graphical interface that displays the molded mesh at all times for verification
  • Graphical image displaying node and element numbers, grid lines and wall boundaries, stiffeners numbers, and stiffeners boundaries
  • Ability to zoom and translate the graphical image
  • User controlled screen color setting for different elements
  • Contour plots for the results
  • Stiffeners results Wall diagrams

Design Parameters

  • Minimum and maximum horizontal and vertical reinforcement ratios
  • Number of reinforcement layers
  • Cracking coefficients for effective moment of inertia
  • Reinforcing bar details