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Does network license support Windows 7/8/10?

StructurePoint Software Suite is fully compatible with Windows 7/8/10. If you have a network license and your client computer is running Windows 7/8/10, you simply need to enter the IP address or name of the license server into the lshost.txt file on the client computer.
If you are evaluating StructurePoint software on Windows 7/8/10, the software must run with administrator credentials. Please follow the steps below using spColumn as an example.

  • Click Windows Start | All Programs | StructurePoint Programs | spColumn
  • Right click on spColumn menu group item
  • Select Run As Administrator

    from the pop-up menu. You will be prompted by the User Account Control. If you are a limited user on the computer you will need to type in an administrator credentials to proceed. However, if you are already an administrator, you simply need to click Continue to run the software.

Does network license support Local Area Network?

Yes. Network licensing supports Local Area Network (LAN) as permitted in the order placed by StructurePoint. Network licensing provided by StructurePoint is flexible and can accommodate specific client needs ranging from one office to a wide range of locations worldwide.

How do I run StructurePoint on my Apple computer?

You can use an open source application(such as Wine) that allows a Windows application to run on other platforms such as Mac OS. If you have access to a Windows OS (e.g. XP, Win 7, etc.), you can install it in a virtual environment on your Apple computer. Apple comes with a built-in virtual environment support through Bootcamp. You can load either Windows or Mac OSX during boot up. You can also look into Virtualbox or Parallels which will allow you to run Mac OSX and Windows to run concurrently.

I have problems checking out a commuter license. What should I do?

Please consult the commuter license chapter in the Setup and Licensing Guide.

What is the difference between a commuter license and a remote commuter license?

Checking out a commuter license token requires the client computer (e.g. laptop) to be connected to the network during checkout. For a remote commuter license token, the client computer does not need to be connected to the network during checkout. Please refer to the Setup and Licensing Guide.

Is redundant licensing supported?

Yes. Please call us to request this feature.

What should I do if my STRUCTUREPOINT software on the client computer cannot find any available license on the network?

Please consult the Setup and Licensing Guide.

I have multiple license servers. How can I configure my client so that it rolls over to the next server if a server is down?

Simply put the IP addresses of all your license servers in the lshost.txt file on client, one IP per line. STRUCTUREPOINT software attempts to validate each of them one by one until a license token is retrieved successfully.

I have the server name in the lshost.txt on client computer, but the client cannot find the server. What should I do?

Confirm the license end date and software license version number using WLMAdmin.exe. Check against software version installed. Please refer to the Setup and Licensing Guide.

Is Novell NetWare supported?

SentinelLM server software (located in the Network License folder on our CD or available to download from our website) can be only installed on Win32/Win64 platforms (i.e. Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista/Win7). It cannot be installed on Novell server.

Is there any support for Citrix thin client?

Yes. Contact StructurePoint for additional details.

What Operating Systems are supported?

The SentinelLM network license manager runs on any Windows 9x, NT, ME, 2000, XP, or Server 2003, 2008, 2012, 2016. Windows NT or later is recommended due to its support for Windows Services.

What is a network license manager?

The SentinelLM Network License Manager (or server) is a System Service on your server. During start up, the license manager reads and decrypts license keys from an initialization file. The license manager grants or denies permission for a licensed application to run based on the number of license tokens available for a particular application.

What is a good PC platform for a license server?

A PC that is stable (Windows NT or later) and reliable with minimum downtime. Laptops or Notebooks are not recommended.

I currently have licenses on my server, but I would like to add more. How?

License codes are cumulative. After receiving the license code for more licenses, add the new license code in the same manner that the initial license code was added. Refer to our Quick Start Guide for more information on how to add a license code on the license server.

What happens to the license token if an application crashes?

If the application or machine crashes for any reason, the license will be returned to the server or pool in approximately 5 to 10 minutes without requiring end user intervention.

What is commuter licensing?

Commuter Licensing allows an end user the ability to check out and check in a license authorization from a network server. When a Commuter typically checks out a license from his/her laptop, it decrements the hard limit by one on the network server or pool, and a temporary standalone license is created on the laptop. Learn more here.

What should I do if I get error #17 while installing a license through the Client Activator?

Please refer to the Setup and Licensing Guide.

I have exited my application, but my license has not been released. Why?

There is a "hold-time" for 1 minute for released licenses. That means for the next 1 minute it is available ONLY to you. After the 1-minute hold, it is available to other users.

I get a "Clock Tampering Detected" message when I try to run the evaluation version. What should I do?

If the 15-day evaluation version detects any clock tampering activity, it permanently disables itself. Contact us at Licensing@StructurePoint.org to enable the application.

After installing the program, a big black block appears in Add/Remove Programs. What should I do?

Update to version 1.51 or higher.

What network protocols are supported?

Network License Manager supports both TCP/IP and IPX.

What happens when I have other products using Sentinel License Manager installed?

Sites where a Sentinel License Manager is already installed can append the new license codes to the end of the existing license code file and restart the license manager. SentinelLM or higher is required.