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What is the difference between spFrame and pcaFrame?

pcaFrame was renamed spFrame to better relate and support the registered trade name of the publisher, StructurePoint, formerly the PCA's Engineering Software Group.

What is spFrame used for?

spFrame is a general purpose structural analysis program for 2D/3D structures. It provides design forces for use with other modules in our suite including spColumn, spBeam and spMats.

Why is spCad installed with spFrame?

spCad is provided as part of the spFrame installation package. It is a graphical model generator used to facilitate modeling a structure by simply drawing it right on the screen.

What is the advantage of using spCad

You can create 3D models and copy members from floor to floor as well as manipulate structural geometry very fast.

What are the strengths of spFrame?

spFrame takes into account traditional loading such as point, uniform, triangular, concentrated, as well as lodas from temperature variation, inclined supports, and differential settlement.

Can spCAD solve a model?

spCAD is only a graphically tool to generate a 2D/3D model for spFrame. spFrame is needed to solve the model.